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As a manufacturer of Lithium Battery UPS, inverters and other electronic products for nearly 20 years, we have almost covered the production, manufacturing and sales of this field.We hope to share resources and values with our partners.

NETCCA China UPS power, elevator power, shutter power, home inverter, solar inverter, voltage stabilizer, LED lamp, lithium battery OEM,ODM professional manufacturer.


NETCCA® Technology Group is headquartered in China's National Key high-tech Industrial Development Zone - Geely Industrial Park, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. Business in mainland China and more than 60 countries around the world. Mainly engaged in photovoltaic power supply, elevator power supply, energy storage power supply, home inverter, solar inverter, voltage regulator, LED lamp, lithium battery and other products sales, processing, design and processing business, and in 2009 to undertake global OEM, ODM business......MORE>>>

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Designated as an OEM production enterprise and sales base in China by German NETCCA Electronic Power Co., Ltd, we devote ourselves to the development, production and sales of Pure Sinewave UPS, Offline UPS, lithium iron phosphate UPS, home INVERTER, Pure Wave Communication Power Supply, Moving Power Supply and so on.
If you looking for continuous power protection then we’re here to help.Need a quotation or guidance with no obligation? No problem,just contact us.
With years of OEM experience, BEAM TECH offers a complete line of UPS and adapters to our customers. BEAM TECH's maximum manufacturing capacity can produce up to 8,000 pieces per month in-house.
We also help our customers design the UPS or adaptor based on their special needs. Customer labels can be place on all OEM products...MORE>>>

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Founded in 2008, Foshan Lingjie Sanitary Ware has a long history of 12 years.

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    Solar Panel And Power Supply Manufacturers Introduction

    Hi! How are you?
    This is your Old friends Netcca from China .
    it is appreciated for your continuous support and attention to UPS and solar inverter from Netcca.
    Our product advantage:
    - Stable
    - High quality
    - Low price
    We have offered OEM, ODM services for customers from all over the world for many years.
    New products Prediction in 2020 from Netcca
    In 2020, Netcca will bring you brand new UPS and inverter with N+X Function.
    This function will mainly  focus on 1-10KVA single phase  and all the three-phase products.
    If you are preparing for the market development in the coming year
    Pls contract with me for more details and samples
    May Zhou
    Sales Manager
    WeChat/WhatAPP:+86 18038700025


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    UPS capacity selection

    Select the UPS capacity based on the following factors, characteristics, calculated load, shock current, peak current, overload capacity, and load abrupt change. The payload capacity is compensated by the following values.

    1. About impulse current
    Calculated capacity of UPS capable of withstanding peak current = payload capacity X impact current (maximum)/rated current of UPS, which is generally 5-10 times the effective capacity.
    The load is put into the power supply and generates a considerable shock current, especially for computers and peripherals. During UPS power supply, in order to reduce the capacity of UPS, load is put into or selected for UPS mains power operation. When the current returns to the rated current value below, the power is converted to the rectifier and the inverter is supplied.

    2. About peak current
    UPS capable of withstanding peak current;
    Capacity = payload capacity X peak current (maximum)/rated UPS current;
    Peak capacity is generally 2 times of effective capacity;
    For UPS with a peak coefficient of 2.5 or above, the peak current bearing capacity is 250%PA, which generally does not exceed the rated capacity of UPS and can be directly used without compensation.

    3. Overload
    The overload capacity of UPS is generally more than 1.1 times of the effective load. If the load overload is more than 1.1 times, UPS shall be protected.
    4. Sudden change of load
    Most UPS load changes are within the range of 0 "100%, and the output voltage fluctuation can be controlled within -10%I~A. Therefore, no compensation can be made for the payload capacity.
    5. Generator-ups cooperation
    In some places the UPS switches to a self-contained generator after a power outage. When the self-provided generator supplies power, it should be able to provide a large shock current when the UPS starts without affecting the operation of the generator.
    1) select the rectifier device with a lower starting current UPS. For example, for a 12 pulse rectifier, the self-provided generator should have twice the capacity of the rectifier
    2) select several sets of UPS for parallel connection and group delay start. It can be combined with slope start function to avoid excessive shock current caused by simultaneous start of all UPS.
    3) select a UPS with rectified charger input power and controllable power, and make the rectifier charger input part of power, while the insufficient power is provided by the battery.
    4) choose UPS with limited charging current function. When the generator is started up and running, limit the charging and set the charging current value to 0 Abe. That is, the charging can be stopped while the generator is running, thereby reducing the amount of power the UPS absorbs from the generator.


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    Choose Wisely The Four Elements of Modular UPS

    With a wide range of UPS products, schneider electric believes that only four factors need to be considered to end the selection difficulties.
    As the guardian of power, UPS provides a stable and uninterrupted power supply for key load equipment in various industries to protect them from overload, short circuit, surge and other power hazards, so as to ensure the normal operation of the business. With the rapid development of cloud application and cloud hosting, the protection of connection and data storage device is even more important. How to select UPS suitable for professional network, so that the variety of UPS products can be distinguished? Schneider electric, a global expert in energy efficiency management and automation, points out that there are four key factors to consider when choosing UPS, which can help companies choose products that suit their business needs.

    UPS size
    According to a recent study by cisco, the number of mobile devices will soon outnumber the global population. This era of BYOD and mobile devices poses a huge challenge for IT managers to stabilize enterprise networks and connections. In addition to ensuring proper server operation, it is equally critical to protect storage and network devices, broadband connections, access points, modems and routers from potential damage caused by power transients and to maintain business continuity. Consider the rate of growth of the IT infrastructure when sizing UPS and determine how much "redundancy" is needed for short-term growth.
    UPS scalability
    If the enterprise cannot predict the future trend of its IT infrastructure, then using scalable standard UPS is one way. But if future demand is uncertain or only growing rapidly, modular UPS can provide an effective solution for enterprises. Modular UPS is expandable and can support future load and run expansions through increased power module cabinets rather than system-wide replacements. A pay-as-you-need approach helps match UPS and IT power, improves system efficiency, and minimizes operating costs.
    UPS backup time
    In the United States, most blackouts last from five minutes to an hour. To cope with prolonged power failure, the data center needs to be equipped with multiple mains power input or backup generator sets. Because ATS or backup generators can be switched on or started in less than a minute, UPS typically requires only 5-15 minutes of energy storage battery configuration. At the same time, UPS should be compatible with lead-acid battery and lithium battery to meet the needs of future energy storage development.

    UPS management
    DCIM data center management software can provide convenient remote monitoring and control for IT administrators; While active battery and environmental diagnostics can greatly reduce downtime; Advanced UPS management helps optimize system operation, safely shut down the system, and protect data and equipment from crashes caused by power outages.


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    The Influence Of Temperature Environment On Netcca Ups Power Supply In Use

    Netcca UPS in use under ideal circumstances, power down obviously, efficiency improved significantly, netcca UPS place environment and using the environment are two different concepts, storage condition netcca UPS adapt to 40 ℃, can deposit at high temperature of 70 ℃ environment, but first run at low temperature is affected battery, lead-acid storage battery shell brittle in 40 ℃ below zero, extremely easy appearance of damage, and storage capacity greatly decreased, so it is disabled.


    Hardware deformation or damage has occurred to components of the UPS power supply exceeding 70° of the facility. Even if the accessories are in normal operation state, the operation of the netcca UPS power supply in this environment will send an alarm signal and enter the self-protection state, stopping the work.

    About the influence of environment on the UPS power supply of netcca, we have made a detailed technical sharing on the official website of netccaUPS power supply netccaUPS. Please feel free to contact us at: 0086 158-2068-3762,    www.netcca.com.cn



NETCCA China UPS power,
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home inverter, solar inverter,
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