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    Let‘s Talk about NETCCA UPS and Inverter

    Speaking of the UPS agreement, UPS (Uninterruptible Power System), i.e., Uninterruptible Power supply, is an Uninterruptible Power supply containing an energy storage device with constant voltage and frequency whose main component is an inverter. It is mainly used to provide uninterrupted power supply to a single computer, computer network system or other power electronic equipment. When the mains power input is normal, UPS supplies the mains power to the load after voltage stabilization. At this time, UPS is an ac mains voltage stabilizer, and it also charges the batteries in the machine. When the power supply is interrupted (accidental power failure), UPS immediately supplies 220V ac power to the load through inverter conversion, so as to maintain the normal operation of the load and protect the software and hardware of the load from damage. More details,you can also visit our official website: netccapowersupply.com, which has been providing OEM service for global customers with high quality and low price.

    What kind of usage of UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply?

    In some cases with high load grade requirements (class a load), the commonly used power supply is UPS uninterrupted power supply, that is, equipment that cannot be cut off, such as communication system; Computer systems; Monitoring system; The DCS system. The operating room of the medical system; Important role in the industrial electric valves, etc., hospital wards, and the hotel is now common UPS uninterruptible power supply socket, it can be said that the UPS used more and more widely, as electrical professionals, we should understand the working principle of UPS, operation method and simple troubleshooting.

    As for another product, it is inventer - NETCCA Best Off Grid Solar Inverter.

    Inverter is a kind of power adjusting device composed of semiconductor devices, which is mainly used to convert dc power into ac power. It is composed of booster circuit and inverter bridge circuit. The booster circuit boosts the dc voltage of the solar cell to the dc voltage required by the inverter output control; Inverter bridge circuit converts the dc voltage equivalent to ac voltage of common frequency. Inverter is mainly composed of transistors and other switching elements, by regularly making switching elements repeatedly on-off (on-off), from dc to ac output. Of course, the inverter output waveform simply generated by the open and close circuits is not practical. Generally, high frequency pulse width modulation is needed to narrow the voltage width close to both ends of the sine wave and the voltage width at the center of the sine wave. In the half period, the switching element is always moved in one direction at a certain frequency to form a pulse wave train (quasi-sine wave). The pulse wave is then passed through a simple filter to form a sine wave. NETCCA high efficiency pure sine wave inverter is pure sine wave output, high efficiency, high charging current, NETCCA Off Grid Solar Inverter OEM Consultation is welcome.

    Temperature requirements of inverter:
    1) Working temperature. Inside the inverter is high power electronic components, are highly susceptible to the influence of working temperature, the general requirements of 0 ~ 55 ℃, but work in order to ensure safe, reliable, leave room should be considered when using, the best control under 40 ℃. If the inverter is installed in the inverter cabinet, it should be installed in the upper part of the cabinet and strictly comply with the installation requirements in the product manual. It is absolutely not allowed to install the heating elements or elements easy to heat close to the bottom of the inverter.

    2) Ambient temperature. When the temperature is too high and the temperature changes greatly, the inverter is easy to appear condensation phenomenon, its insulation performance will be greatly reduced, and may even cause a short circuit accident. When necessary, must increase desiccant and heater in inverter ark. The ambient humidity of the inverter should be less than 90%, the ambient humidity is too high, there are problems of electrical insulation reduction and corrosion of metal parts. If restricted by the installation site, the inverter has to be installed in a high humidity place, the cabinet of the inverter should try to use the sealing structure. To prevent condensation when the inverter stops, a convection heater should be added.So our offical has more introduction

    NETCCA originates from German technical support and strictly implements international production standards. The annual export of UPS, INVERTER, BATTERY and other products is 200 million RMB. Welcome to consult and we will make you satisfied.

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    Why Netcca UPS&Inverter has strong competetion in foreign trade industry

    Over the years, Netcca has been awarded the honor of "ten years of responsibility" by combining the business mission of "environmental protection, energy saving and loving earth" with the practice of corporate social responsibility.

    VipinLu, a Netcca spokesman, said Netcca had continued to dig deep into foreign trade field in response to the country's "One Belt And One Road" policy.

    For a long time, Netcca adheres to the principle of "quality leads to market, innovation leads to sustainable management", and keeps moving forward on the road of innovation. Among them, high frequency digital UPS power supply, solar off-grid inverter, lithium portable UPS power supply, shutter door emergency standby power supply and other technologies are in the leading position in the industry.

    In the past three years, 12 categories of products, such as "solar off-grid inverter", "power frequency high-power uninterrupted power supply" and "shutter door emergency standby power supply", have been recognized as high-tech products of the industry.

    In addition, Netcca technology comes from the headquarters of Germany Netcca and set up UPS power supply and new energy engineering technology research center in guangdong, China, and cooperate with universities, has long-term promotion of energy saving, environmental protection of new products research and development and application.

    In the increasingly fierce global competition, the country continues to deepen reform, and every industry has making progress, UPS power supply has no exception. UPS has become a standard configuration in many industries and has made its own contribution to the society. However, we should also see that UPS cannot fully meet our requirements at this stage, and there is still a lot of room for upgrading. In order to provide more perfect products and services to consumers, Netcca continues to increase its investment in UPS technology and has determined to become a benchmark in the industry.

    First of all, it needs to attract outstanding UPS and INV industry experts to join netcca and make continuous innovation in technology. This change will make all walks of life more confident in power security, so that they have more energy and time to focus on other aspects without worrying about the potential threats caused by power.

    Secondly, we should strengthen the execution standard of the production process, implement more stringent production standards, improve quality, reduce the rate of defective products, and ensure that every UPS launched in the market has the best state. Each enhancement of Netcca is not a simple enhancement, but a qualitative change to the product through more details.

    Third, strengthen quality control. There is a strict inspection and test before each UPS and INV product is launched into the market, and this time the intensified quality inspection will ensure the quality of each UPS by means of more scientific and technological  and manual work.

    Finally,Netcca companny has committed to taking responsibility for their products meanwhile developing and improving them constantly, not only to ensure their vitality but also to make their due contributions to society.

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    Brazil clients visisted UPS,INVERTER,ROLLING DOOR UPS manufacturer called Netcca.

    According to the requirements of the customer, we analysis their enquiry,they are building a plant ,so requesting to build a solar power system.

    What should we do?
    Based on thorough understanding customer needs, customer's application load demand and development trend of the current data room and technical needs, carefully to judge the root cause, the final plan focus on "security" "reliable" and "effective", tailored to configure the best solution, UPS to tailor an advanced green energy-saving intelligent power supply system.

    NETCCA-News About Brazil Clients Visisted Ups,inverter,rolling door ups manufacturer
    NETCCA-News About Brazil Clients Visisted Ups,inverter,rolling door ups manufacturer-1

    Any technical problems or special problems have been solved through efforts.
    The installation engineer team of the company provides remote assistance and follows up the project progress in many aspects.

    From the design of the pre-plan to the implementation of the plan, netcca installation engineer team has won high praise and recognition from customers with professional technology and excellent service concept.

    How should we maintain the after-sales service after the arrival of the goods?
    Through the introduction of ERP, PDM management system and OA office system, improve the level of information management, promote the integration of information and industrialization, to ensure the after-sales service of products.

    NETCCA-News About Brazil Clients Visisted Ups,inverter,rolling door ups manufacturer-2

    In addition,Netcca adheres to the quality policy of "quality leads to market, innovation leads to sustainable management", and has passed ISO9001, ISO14001 certification. The company's new technology is used in many products with good performance, making the products more suitable for the application of harsh environment. The products have gradually passed the certification of China energy saving products, TUV, CE, thiel and other series.

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    UPS uninterruptible power supply follows the theme of green, energy saving and environmental protection

    Under the situation of intensifying changes in the world energy pattern, drastic fluctuations in international oil price and tight global energy supply, energy conservation and environmental protection have become the guiding principle for UPS manufacturers to carry out product technology innovation.

    For UPS uninterruptible power supply, the level of input power factor indicates its ability to absorb the active power of the grid and the degree of influence on the grid.

    Reducing the input harmonics of power supply can not only improve the load characteristics of UPS uninterruptible power supply to the power grid, reduce the serious pollution to the power grid, but also reduce the harmonic interference to other network equipment.

     Many UPS manufacturers already offer products with similar power factors that minimize reactive power consumption.

      NETCCA ® technology group has always adhered to the aim of "stable, efficient, intelligent, let the cooperative customers win the market ", improving quality with science and technology, occupying the market with quality, and upgrading the enterprise level with scientific, pragmatic and efficient management mode.

     Respond quickly and accurately to customer problems and propose effective solutions to maintain high customer satisfaction.

     For more information about UPS please contact us.

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    Why is UPS critical?

    Utility companies don't have to supply computer-level power to your building, and they usually don't!

    Long-term over-limit conditions may damage the equipment and shorten the IT equipment life.
    Common power supply often encounters power surge, voltage sag, electrical noise, harmonics, load fluctuation and other disturbances.
    Commercial customers who use standard public power supply will encounter these abnormal power supply problems every day, and will encounter four to 15 times a year when the power supply is completely interrupted.
    Even a brief electrical disturbance can cause events that cause hours of downtime.

    The UPS power supply will alleviate voltage sag and surge by adjusting the input power supply, and provide battery backup power to prevent voltage sag and complete power supply interruption to prevent the occurrence of the above problems.

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    The role of a UPS power source

    The functions of UPS power supply can be divided into: power outage protection, voltage stabilization, surge protection, high and low voltage protection, harmonic distortion protection, stable frequency, instantaneous protection, suppress transverse and common mode noise suppression.

    Power outage protection
    In case of a sudden power failure or power failure, the UPS power supply will convert the energy stored in the UPS battery into the ac power required by the load and continue to power the load, thus avoiding the loss caused by power failure.

    Voltage stabilization
    In the transmission process, the mains voltage will be affected by some external factors, so the voltage may be high or low.The power supply of UPS can adjust and improve the supply voltage for users, which can effectively prevent the low quality and short service life of equipment caused by too high or too low voltage.

    Surge protection
    The UPS power supply system is generally designed with cutting-edge discharge, which is mainly used to absorb the surge wave, so as to prevent it from affecting the service efficiency and service life of the equipment.

    High and low voltage protection
    When the mains voltage is high or low, the voltage regulator (AVR) in the UPS power supply will control the mains voltage to a safe range for use.When the high or low voltage exceeds the available range, the UPS power supply control circuit controls the UPS battery to power the load.

    Harmonic distortion protection
    When the power is transmitted to the use end, the voltage waveform distortion occurs, and the fundamental wave current produces harmonics.The power supply of UPS can provide high quality current for the equipment, and effectively improve the operation efficiency and service life of the equipment.

    Stable frequency
    Power supply is subject to sudden changes in user's power consumption, which may cause the power frequency to be variable. At this time, the current transferred by UPS power supply can provide a stable frequency to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

    Instantaneous protection
    Sometimes voltage surge and sag or instantaneous pressure drop will occur in mains, which will affect the precision of the equipment, and seriously damage the precision equipment and make users suffer losses.

    Suppress transverse and common mode noise
    Transverse mode noise is generated between fire line and neutral line.
    Common mode noise is generated between fire line, neutral line and ground line.

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